Investment in property often comes with a lot of brainstorming and questions. Everybody takes time to think about investing in real estate. There are many aspects which have to be looked upon before shelling out money from the pocket. Investing in a city with no possible future opportunities and development will freeze the invested capital. Hence the investment decision must be based on the prospects of the town.

Fort St. John is a city of future opportunities, with the announcement of Shell’s $40 billion LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Canada project. It is the economic future of North East British Columbia, which is bright and progressive. This chief infrastructure project will generate thousands of jobs and be a vibrant financial centre in the upcoming years. It is also the regional hub of the Site C-Dam project in British Columbia, Canada, a large project that will result in the housing needs of workers.

Fort St John is on the chart right now because of the Site C-Dam project. British Columbia Hydro recently undertook it in the region, which hired almost 3,000 people. There has also been the Fall 2018 declaration of the Liquefied Natural Gas Canada investment of $40 Billion in the surrounding area, which is the highest private investment in the history of Canada.

For every $1 consumed to erect the plant in Kitimat, British Columbia, there will be an investment of $3.8 in the Fort St. John region to extract and transport the natural resources. The investment will be needed to build the Site, build the lease, move the camps, surveyors, drilling, extraction, and services. It will translate into a 40-year project for the Fort St. John region.

Demographics of Fort St. John
Fort St. John is a growing community with an average age of 30.4 years old and the average income of $125,000/year. In the land acquisition, it covers 36-40 square KM in size. Most of the time, it is cold in the area, but they have more sunshine days than any other place in Western Canada. People will move to Fort St. John for their job and work but stay for the lifestyle.

The recent scenario in services
Recently, the Province of British Columbia has been investing a lot in Fort St. John and building two new elementary schools and a big hospital. The Province realises that there will be a significant need for these resources in Fort St. John, which lends credibility to the viability of this area and what the future holds. The community has the highest disposable income of any town in the region. This feature attracts people to work there, but the area is a great place to live, it is more like small-town feel with big-city ambience.

Source of workers to fill new jobs
In the present time, the unemployment rate in Fort St. John is approximately below 3.5%. Before this, not any of the original investment was expected in the area. So the city will need to see a massive influx of people in the future. The new workers are expected from the southern part of British Columbia region and Alberta.